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From Those We Support

Bernadette Archuleta

I am writing this letter, first of all to thank the 100 Club for what they did when my husband, Sgt Tony Archuleta passed away.  They assisted my family in the time of need with a big donation and, I might add - it was the same day.

Therefore I would like to write this letter in hopes that this will make police officers, firefighters, civil servants and the community aware of the 100 Club and how they can assist your families in the time of need.

When a police officer or firefighter has fallen or are seriously injured, the 100 Club is there to help.  We pray this will never happen to us, but unfortunately it does.  It is nice to know someone (100 Club) is there to help.

Their donation for my family was of great assistance to us.  The 100 Club is there to help not only for a tragedy, but also have scholarships for our children, to further their education.  So please get involved and find out what the 100 Club is about.

Ret Chief Mike Dunaway

Being a member of the fire department is being part of a “Brotherhood” and “Sisterhood,” a family.  There is a common conviction that exemplifies the highest standards of service.  The team concept is what is found in the fire service: it’s the “Brotherhood” and “Sisterhood” that brings firefighters together in one common bond, as well as gives them a deep connection with members of the community they serve.  One of the most rewarding parts of the fire service is saving a life; but not every emergency situation has a positive outcome; and in an industry that views death on a daily basis, firefighters often must depend on each other and the generosity of the community. The Hundred Club of Durango is such an organization united in a common interest and doctrine not unlike the fire service.  The Hundred Club not only assists the surviving family members of fallen firefighters it provides the opportunity to children of firefighters in furthering their education at Fort Lewis College through The Hundred Club Scholarship Program.

Ann Christian-Dold

When my husband, Mark Dold, died on October 14th, 2007, we had many offers of help - especially from the Colorado State Patrol, his employer. On our way to the airport the next day, I received a call from the bank that a $5000 check had been deposited in our account. It was comforting but mysterious because I didn't know who it was from. Once we were with Mark's family in Kansas, I was able to find out who had donated the funds: The Hundred Club of Durango. Since La Plata County is our "family", I wanted to know who the Hundred Club is. Patty Zink told me that it's a group of people that donate money to public servants' families who have suffered a loss. These giving individuals continue to anonymously provide support to our family wherever they see a need - just out of common kindness. We will never know them all, but we will always be grateful to this caring organization.

Jon Wolf

Durango Fire & Rescue Authority - Station 6

It was liiterally with total shock that I received the Hundred Club's generous gift last week. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization for the check, and moreover, I want to thank you for what it is that you do. Your mission is truly a noble one, and it is made even more so by the fact that you operate behind the scenes, quietly taking care of those in need.

I have been a volunteer firefighter in Durango for three and a half years. I look at firefighting as a way that I can do something exciting, and give back a little to this wonderful community at the same time. As I responded from my home to the 700 block of Main on that Friday afternoon, I was excited and apprehensive and determined, all at the same time. A working fire on Main is a very serious situation to us as you can imagine. However, I never for a minute thought that it would turn out to be anything more than a very challenging downtown fire. The explosion at Le Rendezvous changed all that in the blink of an eye. Now, ironically, the roles have been reversed, and I find myself in an unbelievably humbling position wherein my community is giving back to me. Thank you, from myself and my family, for the Hundred Club's generosity. Your gift has made a tremendous difference.

Vikki Wyatt

I would like to thank you for your generous check sent to me during my terrible loss. Your fine organization helped me through a very trying time. Alan was so proud to be in your Colorado community helping to fight the forest fires. The lord blessed him at being a top timber faller and he always loved doing his job. Alan was a dedicated fire fighter, always taking additional classes to further his knowledge in fire fighting. I'm so sad Alan lost his life, but he was doing what he like the most. I appreciate your support. God Bless.

Leigh Ann Evans

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to your group for the wonderful kindness and generosity shown recently to my mother, Vikki Wyatt. Both my parents are characterized by having intense work ethics and understanding the power of a hard day's work. From their efforts they believed strongly in tithing and giving to those less fortunate. It is only right that during this time good is being returned to them...

Your community has exhibited the finest in human character...Your group's financial support offered to my mother was a true blessing. My mother, brother and I are in awe of your community and the acts of kindness it has shown for a total stranger and his family. Thank you and God bless.

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