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A few of the 2019-2020 Scholarship recipients at the 2020 Annual Banquet.

Thank you for your interest in the Durango 100 Club Scholarship program.  We are pleased to be able to support dependents of our first responders who are active front line or a first responder officer who is employed full-time by the Durango Police Department (DPD), Fort Lewis College Police Department (FLCPD), Durango Fire Protection District (DFPD), Colorado State Patrol (CSP –La Plata County), Upper Pine River Fire Protection District (UPRFPD) Ignacio Police Department (IPD), Bayfield Town Marshal, (BTM), La Plata County Sheriff (SO),  (Los Pinos Fire Protection District (LPFPD-La Plata County), and Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District (FLMFPD). If a parent terminates employment, the scholarship funds cannot be continued, except if there is a death in the line of duty.  These scholarships are for undergraduate enrollment and if all eligibility requirements are met, only four years are authorized for this scholarship.   Priority will be given to a child of the employee.  Spouses will only be considered if funds are available. Durango 100 Club Scholarships are funded by interest earned on funds on deposit that are supported by our membership.  We regret, currently, we are unable to fund scholarships for other employees or volunteers of the above referenced organizations.


                          See Scholarship Information Section Below

Durango 100 CLUB




  1. There has been an increase of applications to the Durango 100 Hundred Club Scholarships; it is imperative that you follow this checklist of requirements.  WE WILL NOT BE REACHING OUT TO YOU WITH REMINDERS.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO FULLFILL ALL THE REQUIREMENTS ON THIS CHECKLIST.                                                                                                     

  2. Application for scholarships must be completed IN FULL by February 15, before the fall semester when funds will be disbursed. This requirement is for all new and returning applicants.  The application is on the 100 Club website:  High school/College applicants need to submit a transcript when they apply.  College students reapplying after receiving a 100 Club Scholarship must submit the application and then must submit transcripts upon completion of the academic terms you have completed (see number ‘5’ for details).   (Fort Lewis College students, the scholarship office at the Fort Lewis College Foundation, will oversee this process for you).   For the 2022/23 academic year, scholarship awards are as follows:  $3,000 per semester at Fort Lewis College, $500 per semester at San Juan College and Pueblo Community College-Southwest, and $2,000 per semester to all other accredited colleges and universities.  These amounts are subject to change in the event there is a loss of a first responder and/or other extenuating circumstances prevail that would limit Durango 100 Club funds.                                                                                                                            

  3. When completing the scholarship application, it is important to answer all questions.  If questions are not answered, consideration of your scholarship may be put at risk.  If the question does not apply to your situation, please put N/A so we know you looked at and answered the question.                                                                                                                  

  4. Include all colleges that you are considering in the application.                                                                                              

  5. An essay is to be attached with application.  We would like to know something about you: what this scholarship means to you, major, hobbies, etc.  Continuing students need to write a paragraph highlighting your collegiate experience and how the 100 Club Scholarship assisted your pursuits in college. All non-Fort Lewis College students must submit a transcript (unofficial is acceptable) of work completed for the fall semester before funds can be awarded for the winter/spring semester.  Additionally, the student must let us know their parent/legal guardian is still employed at an authorized agency, as when you first submitted the application. A reminder notice will not be sent to do this.  It is your responsibility to follow through and ensure this process is accomplished.  The email provided on your application is what we use to communicate with you. If this email changes, it is your responsibility to notify us. The scholarship email contacts for the 100 Club of Durango is:,  You must send your application to both email addresses.                                                                      

  6. The 100 Club has an expectation that this scholarship benefits you, and our values reflect that a thank you letter acknowledging this is important.  A thank you letter to the 100 Hundred Club can be sent (email acceptable) within one month of receiving notification of distribution of funds.  Send to and  Or, mail to PO Box 3146, Durango, CO 81302.                                                                                                                                                 

  7. All future scholarships are subject to funds available.                                                                                                            

  8. The 100 Club will award one scholarship per family to Fort Lewis College, and one scholarship out of area per family.  No more than two scholarships per family (one at Fort Lewis College and one out of the area) will be awarded.  Fort Lewis College scholarships are a priority consideration for the 100 Club of Durango.  Therefore, if funds become limited, out of area scholarships may not be funded.  The 100 Club of Durango reviews funds each year and makes approval for scholarship awards based on recommendations from the 100 Club of Durango Scholarship Committee. .At any time if you have questions or concerns, please contact Scholarship Co-Chairs, Debra Parmenter (Fort Lewis College applicants) at 970-749-5707 or, or Sheri Rochford Figgs (non-Fort Lewis College applicants) at 970-749-0614,                                                                                                                                                           

  9. All scholarship recipients are invited to attend the 100 Club Annual Banquet each year.  The Banquet is typically heald at the Doubletree Hotel the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving.   


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