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Your Membership's at work!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Members of the Durango 100 Club know that their annual donation of $100.00 is in place to assist the family of a 1st Responder in the event of tragedy, but we have also been very busy helping some of these families with our scholarship program. The following are testimonials from the students who have received scholarships with help from your continued support of the 100 Club. We thank you, and they thank you!

Dear Durango 100 Club, As a student in aviation, expenses are always looming, but thanks to the immense help each semester from the Durango 100 Club, I have been able to pay my fees and make great progress with my flight training and through school. I am looking forward to my graduation in December of 2021, and I could not have done it without the 100 Club! Thank you for everything! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! Cheers, Brooke Buccowich

The 100 Club Scholarship has helped me pursue a degree in biomedical engineering while avoiding student loan debt. Someday, I hope to develop new products and technologies to advance human health!
Kathryn Driscoll

Hello 100 Club I am grateful beyond words for the continued support I have received from the Durango 100 Club. This scholarship has been extremely helpful in helping me turn my long-lived dream career into a reality! Have a great rest of your week! Morgan Allen :)


"The One Hundred Club Scholarship has been incredibly valuable in helping further my education at Fort Lewis College. Thanks to The Hundred Club I can spend less time worrying about finances, and more time studying, researching, and diving deep into my field of computer engineering. With the skills I am learning I hope to better myself and my community thanks to the help of this scholarship."

I hope you both have an excellent week!

Thank you,

John Hitti

Hi all!

The Durango 100 Club has offered me endless support throughout my undergraduate journey at Colorado State University. I truly could not have been as successful without them.


Maddie Shaline

The 100 Club Scholarship has given me the ability and opportunity to go to the one school that offered me the major where I can pursue something I am very passionate about. Thanks Emily Wickes

In a time when me and my family have felt isolated and disconnected from our community, the 100 Club Scholarship has given us a great reminder that we're all still here to help each other out! Riley J. Fuchs (Nuclear Engineering Major)

The Durango 100 Club scholarship has been an immense help to me and my family as I pursue higher education at Fort Lewis College. With the scholarship I am able to concentrate more on what is most important at school, which is learning instead of struggling to pay for the costs of tuition. Along with school I am also and aspiring professional mountain biker and my time between class and training is limited. The first responder community has always felt like nothing short of family and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support. Thank you Durango 100 Club for your help!

Riley Amos

This scholarship has given me the opportunity to go to focus on school without having to worry about my financial situation or debt. It give me the opportunity to really enjoy school and get the most from it!

Katie Deming

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