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2020 Durango 100 Club Annual Banquet!

As you know from the letter we sent out, the 2020 Durango 100 Club Banquet has been canceled. "Due to COVID" seems to be in just about every letter or document I receive lately, this one ne different.

Even with the pandemic, our membership has held strong.....the website must have caught the bug as it has been down for a while, but like all of us, it is back up and running. Through all of this our constant has, and always will be our First Responders. They do not get a break from placing themselves in harms way.....EVER! Let's show them how much we care and rely on them by finishing the mostly crummy 2020 off with a great membership push. If you have not yet renewed you membership please do so. If you have....Thank you! Now go and get a few of your friends to sign up.

I know I missed listening to Jerry speak at the Benefit this year. His message is always strong and inspiring. Let's do this!

Have a safe and Happy holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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