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  • Bobby Lieb

39th Annual Hundred Club of Durango Banquet


Every year, the Hundred Club of Durango gathers on the third Thursday in November at the Henry Strater Theater, not to raise money, but instead to honor the public safety officers of our community for their dedication to keeping us safe. This year, we also had the opportunity to recognize the talented young offspring of our public safety officers, and Hundred Club college scholarship recipients.

The 2014 banquet celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Durango’s Hundred Club existence, and was marked with another sell-out attendance. Thanks to our banquet sponsors, attendees were treated to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and a chance to get caught up on each other’s busy lives before sitting down to an exquisite dinner, catered by the Strater Hotel’s fine kitchen staff. The banquet was short, to the point, no requests for donations, and all had good time.

So much so, we immediately look forward to next year’s banquet. While 2014, marked the 40th Anniversary of the Club, 2015 celebrates the 40th consecutive annual banquet. If there is one thing you can count on that’s the Hundred Club of Durango, and like the 39 years prior, the 2015 annual banquet will be held on NOVEMBER 19, 2015, the third Thursday in November. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ticket sales and purchase yours before they sell-out…again. Have a prosperous summer, and I will see you all in the fall.



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