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  • Eric Hjermstad

Pedaling to Silverton for a Cause

Last summer I was introduced to the Durango 100 Club, not by invitation or through a friend, but by witnessing firsthand what this great organization is all about. Last summer the Durango 100 Club financially helped my friend Jason Dunaway and his sister Michelle when both of their parents tragically died in a helicopter accident. My relationship with the Dunaway’s was that of family, and the loss of Mike and Linda has been very hurtful and sad. It was during the planning of the memorial service that the name of the Durango 100 Club came up in conversation. I, not knowing what the organization was, went online and read all about what they do. After viewing the entire website I fully understood why they are considered one of the greatest local organizations we have here in the Durango area.

Mike and Linda supported our community in many ways. Mike served as a volunteer firefighter for seven years before he became Fire Chief. After the Missionary Ridge Fire in 2002 Mike became Chief of the Authority when all emergency response entities grouped together, and later retired in 2007. Linda ran the Humane Society Thrift Store and was the motivating force behind getting the building completed at its current location. Mike and Linda also supported the Durango 100 Club, and the fact that the Durango 100 Club paid that support forward to both Jason and Michelle in their time of need, I felt like I wanted to try to do something to say thank you to the 100 Club for being there.

It is for this reason that I am trying to raise awareness of the Durango 100 Club, and hopefully create a boost in this year’s memberships, by riding in the Iron Horse Classic May 25th. All donations are greatly appreciated and any donation of $100 or more for my ride will provide you with a one year club membership. It will show all the local service men and women that we and this organization support them and appreciate all they do for our community.


#durango100club #ironhorsebicycleclassic

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