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The work of law enforcement officers and firefighters is characterized by long periods of routine tasks punctuated by times of tragedy, both among the people we serve and within our own ranks.

We recently witnessed a powerful example of what support provided by The Hundred Club of Durango truly means to law enforcement and emergency service personnel and their families in our area. An officer who had suffered a terrible loss just 72 hours before, sat with tears welling in his eyes, a check in one hand and a letter of support from The Hundred Club of Durango in the other.

The money was a godsend to be sure. But, it was more than that. It was the realization that there are people in the community, people he had never met, who were there for him and his family in their time of need. 

Over the years, we have witnessed other acts of generosity and compassion from The Hundred Club of Durango. Whether it was to reach out to grieving family members of lost officers, to assist with their children's education, or to offer support in other ways, The Hundred Club of Durango has been there to help those of us whose lives are dedicated to helping others.

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